Radical elements weeded out, says RSS

Radical elements weeded out, says RSS

Addressing party workers  in Surat on Sunday, Bhagwat said that those who had been accused of being involved in various blasts in the country had either left voluntarily or had been told to leave because of their extremist view point.

The sangh has been at the centre of a huge controversy with Swami Aseemananda, who had been involved with the Sangh, and who has been arrested in connection with the blast cases having told investigators that he had planned the blasts with other sangh members.

 Bhagwat, however, hit out at the Congress-led UPA for allegedly maligning the Sangh’s image. “The vote bank that were built are getting disintegrated, results of some elections have not gone in their favour. A very serious picture is emerging before the people in the country. They are afraid and have got united to malign our image,” the RSS supremo said.
About Aseemananda’s reported confession, Bhagwat said: “Earlier investigations in Samjhauta blast case revealed involvement of terrorists, now another statement has appeared. So what is the truth?"

“There is a game to gain power by causing a rift among the people. To terrorise people, a new label––saffron terrorism–– has been floated by some politicians to brand people linked to RSS as trouble makers,” Bhagwat said.

He said that the RSS was not founded to suppress any community, but to unite all communities.