Commission moots helpline for rural women

Commission moots helpline for rural women

Campus campaign to help create awareness among students

Commission Chairperson C Manjula, who, on Monday, filled the position after a gap of almost three years said, “Given that our headquarters is located here and there are no centres elsewhere in the State, we believe this would be the best way to provide representation for women in villages.”

While adding that the decision over this is yet to be taken, she revealed that she would visit all districts in the State beginning first week of February in order to personally receive petitions from women.

“I plan to stay put for at least two days in every district so that women in and around can submit their requisitions. Committed and serious measures are needed to create an environment where women can live safely,” she said.

She said that the Commission is talking with all the district bar councils and the Legal Services Authority to either amend some of the existing laws or create newer once to safeguard the interests of the women.

Besides, the Commission will soon kick start a ‘campus campaign’ to help create awareness among students, who, Manjula believes are often times left wanting for legal information among other things.

There are 436 cases pending with the Commission and Manjula said, “For speedy delivery of justice, we will take up cases on a priority basis and try solving them in less than two months.”