An interesting case to solve

HBO presents Rush Hour 2 on January 14 at 9 pm. The movie stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Inspector Lee and Detective Carter are vacationing in Hong Kong when a bomb explodes in the American Embassy, killing two secret agents on the trail of a ring of smugglers.

The two find themselves up against a powerful crime lord, Ricky Tan, and his deadly right-hand woman. While Lee dishes out the kicks and antics hard and fast, Carter is content motor-mouthing the bad guys to death.

A close shave

Madhura Naik aka Tanushree Amborkar of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani was recently returning home from a shoot when she had a near-death experience as her driver dozed off and got on the divider and hit the electric pole. Madhura, who is also pursuing a correspondence course, is preparing for her exams and trying to balance both her studies as well as shooting schedules.

The accident occurred when she was returning home from her shoot. Luckily, the place where her car crashed was just opposite to a local hospital. Helped by the passers-by who admitted her at the hospital, she was kept under observation. The star has hurt her shoulder and is recovering at present. Here’s wishing Madhura a quick recovery!

Belly dance for the soul

Watch Shimmy on January 14 at 9.30 pm on TLC. For thousands of years, women have maintained their beauty and explored their sensuality with the ancient practice of belly dance.

This series, Shimmy, designed by Kim Pechet, a belly dance instructor and fitness professional, brings the secrets of this exotic practice to viewers all over the world.
Shimmy integrates 43 essential belly dance steps to help viewers experience the sensuality and health benefits of belly dance.

Each episode of Shimmy begins with a relaxing warm-up in calm, lush surroundings that increase flexibility and prepares audience for the more vigorous movements to come. The episodes are divided into two segments — teaching and performance segments — to facilitate learning and execution of the dance steps.