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Story of twin trouble

HIT PAIR Darshan and Navya Nair.Boss, in which Darshan has a double role, will hit the screens today. It’s a film for the masses, insist its makers.  The film is being released after two years. But why the delay? “Rajnikant starrer Endhiran was released after two years, would you call that delay? Similarly Boss had a lot of technical work which was pending. Hence the delay,” says producer Ramesh Yadav, who also says that he has carefully chosen the cast.

“Tamil actor Prabhu appears in a special role and Navya Nair was chosen because she fits the character perfectly well. The Darshan and Navya pair wove magic in Gaja. So it’s only natural that the successful pair will be cast again. It’s all about chemistry,” says Ramesh and adds, “the songs are a hit already and I am hoping the movie will be received well.”

Talking about the concept of the film, director R Raghu Raj says the movie has a real story, one that people can relate to. “As you go along in life you will realise that people don’t remain the same throughout. They change colour and character. The other side of the character is revealed only after sometime,” explains Raghu.

Darshan is cast in a double role. “They are two brothers who are radically different. One is a corporate guy and the other a tomboy. I have attempted a sort of transformation with Darshan. I didn’t want a predictable storyline,” says Raghu. He says the songs are structured in such a way that they show a clear transformation of the person. 

Actress Navya Nair is no stranger to the Kannada film industry. She debuted in Kannada with a stunning performance as Swetha in Gaja opposite Darshan. She was also seen in Bhagyadha Balegaara with Shivrajkumar where she played a brahmin lady. Here in Boss, she plays the role of a flower girl. “It’s a thriller and there are some moments of suspense. The story revolves around twins and the events that happen in their life. Mine is a substantial role. It’s a simple yet powerful one,” says Navya.  The film was shot in Mysore, Tumkur and Bangalore. The songs were set in Goa.

Nina C George  

Juggling with six actresses

COMIC A clip from I Am Sorry....Ravindra is all set to make his debut as a director with I Am Sorry MatheBanni Preethsona. But he is already in a soup when it comes to handling his cast.

The reason being the film, which is an emotional thriller, has Nenapirali fame Prem as the hero who is sharing the screen with six actresses — Karishma Tanna, Sanjana, Amritha Chabria, Karthika and Krithika Pande. So a problem arises when it comes to pointing out who is the ‘heroine’ of the film.

“I have six characters in the film. But haven’t disclosed the heroine yet so this has upset many of the actresses. In fact I still have one more song to shoot and because I didn’t to tell them which one of them is playing the lead, they are refusing to come for the shoot,” he laughs. Keeping the cat inside the bag is a huge challenge for the director. Ask him how would he convince them to come back to shoot, he smiles and says, “I think I can patch things up soon enough.”

Speaking about the leading man Prem, Ravindra says he shares a very good rapport with the actor. But things were not the same when he had first met him. Ravindra had invited all the artistes of the film to a ten-day workshop organised by Vidhur, who has groomed artistes like Hrithik Roshan and Bipasha Basu.

“From the first day of the workshop, I felt Prem was not able to deliver what I wanted out of him. And on the last day, just when I was about to give up on him, he totally impressed me. It was only much later did he tell me that he performed badly intentionally to show me how much he can do. That’s when we really hit it off,” he adds.

If everything goes according to plan, Ravindra says people will get to see the movie on Valentine’s Day. “I want to present it as a Valentine’s Day gift to Bangaloreans. I have done this film keeping entertainment in mind and I am sure that the audience, especially the youth, will receive it with open arms,” says Ravindra.

Megha Shenoy

Action time for Diganth

DIFFERENT From Mr Duplicate. Doodhpeda Diganth always wanted to be part of an action flick and now his dream has come true as he will be working in an action film with Kodlu Ramakrishna, who had directed his first film Ms California. Called Mr Duplicate, Diganth will be seen teaming up with Prajwal Devraj for the first time. Currently, shooting in Mangalore for the film, the director says that both the heroes have equal roles in the movie.

According to Ramakrishna, the reason behind Mr Duplicate is Diganth himself. “One day, he called me up and asked me to come to his house. When I visited his home, he expressed a desire to do another movie with me. He also assured me that he would not take any remuneration for the film. He suggested I find good script for the film and the rest is history,” he says. Diganth too expresses the same feelings about the director.

Though the film may not be an out-and-out action film, he is ecstatic that there are a few scenes where he will get to pack in a punch or two. “I have always wanted to do a fight scene and this will be the first time I will do an action role. The audience will get to see this side of me as well. I just hope it works,” he adds.

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