People's problem

People's problem

Traffic congestion

Mathikere bus stop is heavily congested as five roads meet at one junction here. Two BMTC bus stops are situated opposite to each other and there is an auto stand near the bus stop. The road is not wide enough for the smooth flow of traffic. During peak hours, there is a lot of confusion. One traffic policeman is not enough to control the traffic flow from all sides.

In the interest of the pedestrians, traffic lights should be provided at Mathikere junction or the BMTC bus stop should be shifted somewhere near the Gokula Railway Bridge, where the road is very wide.


Road digging

Digging is in progress on the newly re-laid Sanjaynagar Main Road and this has spoiled the road once again. Are government agencies concerned about the condition of the roads? Public money is being wasted by allowing the roads to be damaged. Surely, there should be some action from the government agencies and not allow the roads to deteriorate into such a condition.

V S Ganeshan

Metro woes

I was appalled to know about the lack of bathroom facilities in the Metro stations. I am not sure how one (the Planning Commission) can overlook a basic human necessity like that.These stations probably don’t have parking facilities either. If the intention is to reduce traffic on the roads, I am not sure where the public will park their vehicles to make use of such services.

Ravi Shastry
JP Nagar

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