QI am a 17-year-old boy and I have lots of pimples. Please help!

A Do not pick or squeeze pimples. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Here are a few home remedies:

* Make a paste with coarsely powdered dry orange peel and water. Apply on and around pimples.

*Mix lime juice and rose water in equal portions, and apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

*Apply ripe tomato/ cucumber pulp on pimples and leave it for an hour. Wash off with cold water.

*Make a paste of sandalwood with rose water. Apply on affected area. Wash it off after 20-30 minutes with lukewarm water.

If pimples persist, consult a dermatologist.

QI am 48 years old. I have been gaining weight over the last year.  I have dry skin and severe hair fall. I have normal T3, T4, TSH levels. I practise yoga for an hour every day, five days a week. Please advise.

A It is perfectly normal to lose some strands of hair every day. Make sure that you are getting enough protein in the form of leafy, green vegetables, pulses, fruits and dairy products. Spinach, in particular, keeps hair healthy. Eat rotis made of wholegrains as wholegrain contains zinc, which  prevents hair loss and premature greying. Exercise is also a good way of reducing hair fall. It improves blood circulation. Hair styling with tight elastic bands is another cause of hair fall. To tackle dry skin, drink lots of water. Use cleansing creams and shower gels with moisturisers. It’s important to moisturise your skin once or twice daily.

Dr Vandana Jayaprakash

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