Quick dive into food

Adam Richman, the host of TLC’s Man Vs Food, dives right into each destination with a huge appetite and adrenaline levels to match.

Adam sets out across America in search of the best places to do some serious indulging, while taking on each city’s toughest food challenge for a truly immersive travel

In this episode, Adam reaches Las Vegas for huge breakfasts, some of the hottest crawfish in the country and a massive challenge known as the Big Badass Burrito. Man Vs Food airs on January 15 at 8.30 pm.

Tremendous team effort

Watch Chak Dhoom Dhoom on Colors on January 15 at 9 pm. It’s a team challenge and the esteemed jury members — Mallika Sherawat, Javed Jaffrey and Terence Lewis — will be seen auditioning the teams across cities like New Delhi, Kolkata and Baroda to select the deserving teams who can compete for the mega auditions in Mumbai. These teams will be judged on the basis of their choreography, timing, synchronisation, team effort and appeal. Pravesh Rana will once again host the show in his own unique style. Chak Dhoom Dhoom airs every Friday and Saturday at 9 pm.

A fitness freak

TV actor and host Manish Paul is a fitness freak. We have learnt that the actor, who is really keeping busy these days, doesn’t really get time for his workouts. So now he has found out a new way to keep up with his workout regime without disturbing his daily routine.

While going for shoots, the actor makes it a habit to get down four or five kilometres before the studio and jogs the remaining distance. Says Manish, “I don’t get time for my workouts because of my busy schedule. So I decided that while travelling to the studios, I would get down four to five kilometres before the studio and jog the remaining distance. This really helps me keep up with my daily health regime.” Well, must say Manish’s fitness mantra for now is jogging.

Realising their dreams

HBO presents Dance Flick on January 16 at 9 pm.  The movie stars Damon Wayans Jr, Shoshana Bush, Chris Elliott and David Alan Grier. Thomas Uncles is from the wrong side of the tracks, but his bond with the beautiful Megan White might help the duo realise their dreams as they enter in the mother of all dance battles.

Ultimate transformation

Thunder Races is one of the heart-breaking programmes for Discovery Turbo audiences. The team transforms car junk into hulking heaps of hot racing machines and then taking on each other for the ultimate prize.

In this episode, three teams are given just two days and 800 British Pounds each to convert two old wrecks into one double-engined hybrid. Thunder Races airs on January 15 at 11 pm.

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