An invasion of its own kind

An invasion of its own kind


ELECTRIFYING Members of The Prodigy.

So when the group played live in Bangalore, it was but obvious that all the music-lovers would turn up to watch them live. The phenomenal act took the stage at Palace Grounds in the City recently as part of the Eristoff Invasion Festival 2011. It was a pumped up, high adrenaline party, where in a number of artistes opened for The Prodigy. It was an event for both music and dance lovers.

The lavish stage was set with hundreds of lights as DJs Vachan, Bay Beat Collective, Pendulum and Heavy G along with rock band Pentagram entertained the audiences before The Prodigy performed. With their upbeat tunes, all the DJs had the spectators grooving to their tunes. Pentagram played fast numbers like Must I and Love Drug Climb Down to set the stage for the final act. “The deal is this — we get to be here at the same time like you and it’s beautiful,” said Vishal, the lead singer of Pentragram told the audience.

As soon as The Prodigy came on stage, the already spiralling madness assumed new heights and gigantic proportions. The crowd jumped, screamed, headbanged and danced away for over 90 minutes as the group belted out hits after hits — Writings On The Wall, Poison, Thunder and Firestarter. As if this wasn’t enough to get the music-lovers going, there was Voodoo People, Omen, Warrior’s Dance and the song Invaders Must Die from their album by the same name.

EXCITED A section of the crowd. Despite not talking much to the crowd, the group’s interaction with the audiences was great due to the music they played.

The last thirty minutes consisted of their best loved song — Smack My Bitch Up, which had the audiences singing along. Take Me To The Hospital was the second last song they played. “To all my Indian people, this is yours,” said the lead singer as they started performing Outer Space, their last song for the evening.

To sum it all, The Prodigy simply ‘invaded’ Bangalore true to the name of their album Invaders Must Die. Vrinda Kalia, a student of M S Ramaiah College, is a die-hard fan and she thoroughly enjoyed the show. “I just loved it! The energy of The Prodigy is insane,” she exclaimed. “Though Heavy G didn’t really keep up to the energy, I really liked the first two DJs that played — Vachan and Bay Beat Collective. I really wish The Prodigy would come to Bangalore again,” she added.