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Travel tales

Fasten your seat belts and let the likes of the fantastic Dhani Jones, the charming David Rocco and many more take you on some memorable journeys! In Dhani Tackles the Globe, catch Dhani Jones, the famous American football linebacker, as he provides a unique look at a broad expanse of cultures through their native sports. The show follows couples and families on their uniquely customised travel adventures, which they could not have imagined otherwise. Explore the many provinces of Italy and the Italian ways of life and food in a culture exposé with David Rocco’s Dolce Vita or know a country through its vibrant markets with Market Values; and join the world’s top travel writers on assignment in Lonely Planet as they scour the planet in search of the latest and greatest travel experiences on earth. Watch these shows, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Fox History & Entertainment.

Mother swap

Discover Maa Exchange, a fresh reality show where each week, two very different families will participate in a 10- day-long challenge. In this show, women from disparate backgrounds and cultural mindsets will exchange homes and try to discover how daily life is while living in another woman’s shoes. With Surekha Sikri at the helm, acting as sutradhar of Maa Exchange and participants from varied backgrounds, sparks are sure to fly. Celebrity participants of show include Puja Bedi, Rajeev Nigam and Anuradha, Zehra and Farookh Merchant, Antima and Sujit Raute, Apara Mehta and Sudesh Berry, and many more. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm, on Sony Entertainment Television.

Vampire diaries

Tune in to National Geographic tonight at 10 pm to watch a Nat Geo special programme, Vampires in Venice. To 16th century villagers, vampires were very real; materialising in all shapes and forms. One vampire was particularly feared — the Nachzerer (Night Waster). Empowered by Satan, these undead rose from the grace to spread disease and there was only one way to stop them. Now, in a National Geographic Television exclusive, an Italian forensic archaeologist unearths a vampire tomb and employs the latest forensic science to discover the truth.