Jailbirds need psychiatric help: CJ

Jailbirds need psychiatric help: CJ

J S Khehar

“Individuals lose their identity and snap family ties once they enter prison. They need psychiatric help to overcome the mental pressure,” the Chief Justice remarked here on Saturday. He was speaking at the inauguration of a conference on mental health problems faced by prisoners.

Justice Khehar said prisoners need to be treated effectively so that they join the mainstream as reformed individuals. He pointed that many prisoners have committed suicide unable to bear the mental pressure. Besides mental illnesses, HIV and skin diseases have also become increasing problems in prisons, he noted.

Supreme Court judge Justice Altamas Kabir said jails by themselves, have become a cause for mental retardation among prisoners. He advocated open air jails to improve the condition. “Most of the prisoners are confined to four walls. Open air prisons help improve their state of mind.” The judge said there was a need for more initiatives to improve the conditions of both prisons and prisoners.

The National Legal Services Authority has organised the conference. Justice R V Raveendran will deliver the valedictory address on Sunday.