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Lavish lifestyle

Europe’s Richest People takes a sensational look at Europe’s wealthiest aristocrats, politicians, celebrities and tycoons.

Taking a roller coaster ride through an extraordinary world of opulent mansions, Olympic-sized swimming pools, Learjets and Lamborghinis to reveal how Europe’s richest make their millions and what they do with the money once they have got it.  Europe’s Richest People airs on January 18 at 9 pm on TLC.

State-of-the-art equipment

Watch Frontline Battle Machines With Mike Brewer on January 18 at 9.30 pm on Discovery Science.

Mike Brewer heads to Afghanistan to test hi-tech British and American weaponry and equipment, being  used in the fight against Taliban.

With full cooperation from the Ministry of Defence, he gains unrestricted access to Camp Bastion and Kandahar Air Base, revealing the latest combat vehicles and equipment, such as the SA80 Rifle, the Apache attack helicopter and Mastiff armoured six-wheeled truck.

Not an easy job...

Jack up a car, change four tires, fill the gas tank, check the oil, wipe the windows and get back on the road.

And you have 17 seconds to do that or you are fired! Who could handle a job like that — even thrive on the challenge and the adrenaline rush?

The members of professional racing Pit Crews, that’s who. The buzz about truck racing has become so big that the pit crew of Bill Davis Racing has just learned that their new driver will be the world renowned Canadian, Jacques Villeneuve.

With international attention on this pit crew, the pressure is on to perform to perfection. Pit Crews airs on January  18 at 10 pm on Discovery Turbo.

A daring move

Phulwa airs on January 18 at 9 pm on Colors. Phulwa sees how depressed her father, Mangru, is on losing his boat. The boat, after all, is their only means of earning a livelihood. But it is nowhere in sight now and Phulwa desperately wants to find it.

Under all dangerous circumstances, Phulwa jumps in the Chambal River and dives underwater.

Will Phulwa be successful in locating her father’s missing boat? Tune into the show to find out. Phulwa airs every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm.

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