The guests are at home here

The guests are at home here

Positive Outcome

The guests are at home here

The foreign nationals in the City can finally heave a sigh of relief as the new Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) at Indiranagar has far exceeded their expectations.

All of two floors, and spacious unlike the older office, the foreign nationals no longer find it a painful task to wait at the FRRO for various procedural purposes.

The lobby housing chairs, drinking water facilities and rest rooms make the visit to the FRRO a not so cumbersome ordeal anymore. The foreigners, who anticipated a lot of crowd and chaos, were in for a surprise to see crowds managed efficiently, and a shaded area with chairs to sit, as they waited to be called in to complete the bureaucratic procedures. A close sitting enclosure for lactating mothers shows the forethought that has gone into creating this facility. Metrolife asked foreign nationals on their experience at the FRRO.

Kamran Ebrahim, an Iranian student, says, “The old place was really close to my house, distance is my only woe. The new building and the way things are managed here is better. There are three places in and around this building to get documents photocopied. If you get hungry, there is also a juice shop close by, where you can quickly go grab a bite.”

Sounding hopeful and giving a more positive feedback about the place were Dylan and Molly Mathew from the USA. Molly was holding little Elijah in her arms. “We make regular visits to the FRRO, the old place was too crowded and nothing was done efficiently. They wouldn’t tell us what documents to get and we normally came three to four times for a simple permit. It is our first time here and this place seems nicer, more organised. The first floor even has air-conditioning. It looks like they are making changes for the better and we have hope in Bangalore,” they added.

Many foreigners agree that their waiting period has reduced to a large extent. Friday and Eme Imuk, a Nigerian couple, in town for a hip surgery say, “We didn’t even have a place to sit in the previous office, but this place is really comfortable. They give you a token number, and a time and the wait is minimal.”

The only exception to all the goodwill was Shabana Mohammad Shahir from Pakistan. “I am a divorcee and I have no one in Pakistan to go back to, I am having troubles with my visa. I have been coming here for the last four to five days at 10 in the morning and I am stuck here till five in the evening. I am not told what documents to get and everyday after all that waiting, they ask me to produce another new document. They are scaring me!”