Motorable roads still a dream for Hassan citizens

Motorable roads still a dream for Hassan citizens

Haphazard: A stretch of road near Santhepet, where vehicles have been parked erratically. DH photo

About eight months back, the journey from Arsikere Bus Stand to Hassan used to take one hour. Now the same distance takes more than one hour and forty five minutes. This is due to the deplorable condition of roads that were battered during the rainy season.
Apart from the roads leading to Belur and Channarayapatna, all other roads are in an abysmal condition. The road to Gorur turns out to be a nightmare for the drivers.

If that is the pitiable condition of highways, then the roads inside the city offer no better treatment. The City Municipal Council (CMC), responsible to maintain the roads, has failed in its duty. Even the road in front of the CMC itself hasn’t been repaired in almost a year.

While the traffic density is more on the B M Road, traversing through N R Circle, APMC, Tanneeraholla, Santhepet become a nightmare for people. Even though the CMC tried to fill the potholes, the roads returned to their original condition at the end of the rainy season.Despite the rains stopping a few months ago, the CMC is yet to take repair measures.

As the number of the vehicles plying in the city are on a rise, the development of roads are not being taken up a the same pace. Controlling traffic has become an unpleasant experience for the Police Department as they are facing a shortage of officers.

Installing traffic lights on the main roads will ensure smooth flow of traffic. But apart from the traffic light at N R Circle, none of the others are in working condition. The signal at Santhepet rarely works, while signal near Kalabhavan controls traffic to a certain extent.

However, bottlenecks emerge at dairy circle where two highways converge. The dense traffic on Belur and Sakleshpur Road have no means of relief as the traffic lights have become defective. The recent encroachment drive carried out by the district administration has not been put to use effectively. Even though the area can be used for parking of two-wheelers or four-wheelers, the district administration has failed to provide any areas earmarked for parking.

Bringing sense to traffic will be possible only if the CMC joins hands with the district administration, police department and RTO.