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Last Updated : 17 January 2011, 16:13 IST
Last Updated : 17 January 2011, 16:13 IST

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The human-folks coming under "You're right, I'm wrong" category are the ones, who're generally subservient and who easily concur with views/opinions of all people. Since they don't nurture individual perceptions n' perspectives about any matter, they instantly conform to others' thinking pattern.

As they are always part of a herd, they never antagonise anyone, nor do they get alienated from any group. Due to lack of spunk in them, they can never stand up for themselves, leave alone standing up for others.

Owing to their feckless nature, they even underrate their capabilities and don't bother to mine and channelise their latent skills/talents. Apparently, they can't be trailblazer to anyone. Some of them even camouflage their 'weak n' diffident' attitude and project it as being 'good-natured n' flexible'!

The folks, belonging to "You're wrong, I'm right" category, always vociferate their views with vehemence. They keep finding ways of advertising their potential and prowess in everything.

They often embark on 'sparring sessions' with everyone, just to prove what they think/believe is the universal truth. They make sure none surpasses them in any arena, since they simply can't accept defeat of any sort.

They feel it's some stupendous achievement, when they have the last word in all their squabbles/arguments.

And, never mind, if there is no co-ordination between their thoughts, speech n' actions! These people have loads of supercilious n' presumptuous attitude, and that they have more foes than friends!

The human-folks of "You're right and so am I" category are the most prudent and pragmatic lot, with oodles of sagacity in them.

They are never credulous/pushovers, and are impervious to any influences. Though they are prepared to assimilate good points from other people (and even acknowledge others' good qualities), they live life on self-dictated terms. Being good listeners, they respect others' standpoints, but finally do what they deem it right.

Being always phlegmatic and complacent, they enjoy life. They never take dubious/ devious routes to attain success, nor do they pull someone down to climb the success ladder.

They seldom inflict pain on others, nor do they get flustered by others' bad demeanour.

They are so confident of themselves that they don't bother proving their skills before others. They are the unpretentious lot, who always emerge victors in life's all spheres.   So, in which category do you find yourself?

Published 17 January 2011, 16:13 IST

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