Forum warns Highway bundh

Forum warns Highway bundh

They warned of a bundh if works are not taken up within a week.

The protesters stated that the highway is full of potholes and craters which are inviting danger to the vehicular riders. Mishaps are common on this stretch of road where thousands of vehicles ply everyday, they claimed.

The elected representative, MPs and MLAs travel on the same road, but have turned a blind eye towards the issue, they criticised.

School vans, ambulances ply on the same route and is a threat to the lives of the patients and the children and the graph of accidents have risen alarmingly, they criticised.

The National Highway Authority of India and State Highway Authority occasionally do patch work and fill up the potholes which is of substandard quality.

They demanded a probe on the quality of the work being done on the highways.

The agitators threatened to call for a bundh of the four National Highways that passes through the city, if the authorities concerned failed to take up repair works within a week.

Forum’s leader H N Nanjundaraj, Yaragamballi Parashivamurthy and others led the stirt.