'I am a big fan of Vivek'

'I am a big fan of Vivek'

Standing Tall

Though she always knew she was meant to be in the creative field and after dabbling a bit in playback singing, Meghna found her true calling in art.

In the City to showcase her art work Nirvana at the Sublime Art Gallery as part of the Airtel Bengaluru Habba, Meghna tells Metrolife that she is enjoying all the feedback she is getting here. “I love Bangalore and have been coming here since I was a kid. My maasi lives here. So summer holidays are always spent here. The South connection is very strong in our family. And now I have a bhabhi (Priyanka Alva) from here and our family has expanded,” she smiles.

And this is precisely the connection that got her her first art show here, she says. “I got connected to the habba through Nandini (Alva) aunty. She asked me if I was interested in showing my art during this time. It is a great venue for arts and I feel this is my way of supporting the art and culture.”

Ask her if she was ever tempted to enter Bollywood, and Meghna says despite being a big fan of films, she knew art was where her heart belonged. “As a family, Bollywood has always been a subject for constant discussion at the table. And whenever we had a little free time, we would all go out and catch a film. People always wondered why I never took to it but I just can’t help it, I never saw myself as an actress,” she explains.

Growing up with Vivek, Meghna wanted to be just like him. When he joined films, she would wait for every film of his and was even critical of his work. “I am a big fan of Vivek and he is a fantastic actor. Since his first film, Company, I have admired his confidence on screen,” she adds.

Meghna says the day Priyanka came into their family was one of the happiest of her life. Describing her as a warm and compassionate person, Meghna says that on many levels, Priyanka and Vivek are similar. “Vivek is such a loving and giving person and so is Priyanka. When she entered our home, she fit in perfectly. In fact, now we feel like she has been with us forever. I am so glad they found each other,” she says.

As for the future, Meghna says that she already has a few more shows lined up in the City. “My work has received tremendous response here. So I have planned to have an extended stay to showcase some of my other work. I also plan to toy with a few more concepts and see how that will work out,” she signs off.