Staring at empty pages

Staring at empty pages

Fancy Diaries

There are also fancy and pretty ones that most people buy but never use.  These diaries are bought in large numbers every year for various reasons. In spite of being really expensive, these end up almost empty and gather dust.

There is never anything written in them except the owner’s name. Metrolife speaks to people in the City to find out more about this peculiar trend.

“The new year is about new beginnings. So it does make sense to get a new diary to jot your thoughts down. But these diaries are forgotten as soon as the new year mania dies out,” says Vasu, an IT professional.

“And today, since we are used to typing, we give up writing at the first chance to do so,” he adds. But the new year is not the only time when these diaries are purchased.

“I buy these because they look really exotic in comparison to notebooks but they are not used for any purpose as such,” says Supriya, an HR professional.  Some people feel that while the diaries are bought with the intention of writing in it, laziness plays spoilsport.

“I buy a lot of these diaries but yes, I never really use them for writing. I use my diaries for jotting down birthdays and the list of things to do. I think it is because I have no time or patience for writing things on a daily basis,” says Nadisha, a student of Christ University. In most cases, people don’t find things that are good enough to be written about.

“Diaries are stuff that people buy to write about special occasions. They don’t want to scribble boring study notes in them but most people don’t have the creativity or the patience to write something good in it. So they remain empty,” says Sid, a student.

As a result, these have become collector’s items. “I sort of collect diaries now,” says Nadisha. Till people find instances to put thoughts down in words, the pages of these diaries are going to remain empty. “Writing in diaries still has a lure to it but the charm dies as  your diaries turn a few days old,” says Vasu.

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