BSY accuses Bhardwaj of being biased

BSY accuses Bhardwaj of being biased

B S Yeddyurappa

In a letter, dispatched to Raj Bhavan on Thursday evening, Yeddyurappa took exception to the Governor’s remarks likening the resolution of the Cabinet requesting him not to sanction prosecution proceedings to a thief admonishing the police.

By making such a statement, Yeddyurappa said Bhardwaj had “lowered the dignity of the chief minister, the entire cabinet and thereby the voters of Karnataka”.

In a resolution, the cabinet on Thursday had asked Bhardwaj not to permit prosecution of Yeddyurappa and Home Minister R Ashoka over land scams, saying such a move was nothing short of a “farce and colourable” exercise on his part.

Yeddyurappa in his letter states that such repeated statements by the Governor do not inspire confidence that a decision by the latter would be unbiased, fair and bona fide. “It is patently clear that you have adopted a biased attitude. Perhaps, this is in line with your political affiliation and inclination to unduly embarrass the government”, the letter states.

The Chief Minister has stated that he was formally recording his protest against prejudging the issue and making completely uncalled for statements that have hurt the entire cabinet and people of the state.

“In view of your continued bias in this matter, it will only be appropriate that your excellency would refrain from considering the petition filed by the Forum of Lawyers seeking sanction for prosecution”, the letter states.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Yeddyurappa said the governor has been needling the government since he came to Karnataka. In support of his mindset, he has issued hundreds of anti-government statements, he said.

“Let me forget my position as the CM. As a citizen can I tolerate what he has said about the Cabinet? The Hindi lines he has uttered has hurt the self respect of every citizen in the State. I am upset. As a person with self-respect, should I swallow all these humiliation? Never in my life, did I have to face such an insult. How dare he makes such comments”, he said in a choked voice.

Asked how the tussle between him and the Governor would end, Yeddyurappa said that he can’t predict.

“Politically I know how to fight such battles. People are with me and the party is with me.  I am not bothered about the political outcome. I am analysing the issue beyond politics”, he said.

To a question whether the Governor has the backing of the Congress, the Chief Minister said, “Ninety per cent of the support is from the JD (S). Why should I blame the Congress?”

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