'Decode Vedic knowledge to help modern science'

There is a need to bring back the treasure of this rich knowledge to develop modern science which helps for the development of mankind, said renowned economist, scholar and Vice Chancellor of Sri Gurusarvabhauma Vidyapeeta, Mantralaya, Dr V R Panchamukhi.

He was delivering the presidential address at three-day international conference on ‘Decoding Veda Vidya and Traditional Resources for Rediscovering Indian Scientific Heritage’ jointly organised by Vadiraja Research Foundation of Putthige mutt, Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage of Suratkal and Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthana at Amabalpadi Mahakali Sri Janardhana Temple here on Friday.

He said, Vedic knowledge is a universal knowledge. It does not belong to any particular segment of society. There is a false notion that gathering knowledge of Vedic science is for gaining Moksha. But there is a necessity to decode this ancient and rich Vedic knowledge, so as to educate our youth and cater the scientific knowledge hidden in our Vedas, he said.

“Veda is the origin for all science and technology. Owing to series of invasions in the last millennium, the study of Vedic knowledge has had a huge setback,” he said.

Unfortunately, even after 60 years of Indian independence, the attempt to revive the ancient rich knowledge has not been initiated. Most of the modern sciences based on the ancient Indian heritage knowledge including physics, medicine, grammar and mathematics are found in Vedas. Zero was contributed by Indians to the world, the famous Pythagoras theorem was based on Bauddhayana Sootra while Panini, the great linguist of 6th century BC contributed to grammar through principle of coding, he added.

Sri Sugunendratheertha Sripada of Puttige mutt in his introductory speech said, Vedas are the origin of all scientific and technological knowledge. Veda is also mother of all languages in the world. ‘Omkar’ is the base for all knowledge in the world and Vedas are origin for ‘Omkar,’ he observed.

Delivering the keynote address on the occasion, Foundation of Indian Scientific Heritage Honourary Director Dr S Ramakrishna Sharma said, the Indians have gone long way from our own identity. “We have our own causes for our downfall and we blame others for the loss of identity,” he added.

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