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India - a portrait
Patrick French
Penguin, 2011, pp 436, 699
This is a richly detailed, wide-ranging and rewarding portrait of modern India. It chronicles the epic changes in free India.

Leading Ladies: Women who Inspire India
Sudha Menon
42 Bookz Galaxy, 2010, pp 422, 795
This is an inspirational book about 15 dynamic women in India, who have made a difference to society.

Catching up with Gandhi
Graham Turner
Penguin, 2010, pp 329, 350
This book unveils the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, which is done through conversations with two of his grandchildren.

Maoist and other armed conflicts
Anuradha M Chenoy and Kamal A Mitra Chenoy
Penguin, 2010, pp 320 350
This book is a powerful critique of national security approaches for resolution of armed conflicts.

between Friends: Letters Exchanging Ideas
Margaret Chatterjee
Promilla and Bibliophile South Asia, 2010, pp 130, 200
This book delves into issues of literature and contemporary concerns through exchange of letters between two friends.

the other 99%: You can dare to lead
Debashis Chatterjee
Jaico, 2011, pp 158, 195
This book reveals powerful insights on complex leadership
issues through simple action tools.

Collaborative research in management- Inside Out
Amiram Porath
Sage Publication, 2010, pp 210, 350
This book is a ready reference for understanding the concept of collaborative research and its practical applications.

My Paper Chase
Harold Evans
Hachette India, 2010, pp 515, 495
This is an autobiography of the author during his early struggles leading to a career in journalism.

The onus of Karma
Rudra Krishna
Penguin, 2010, pp 214, 250
Set in 18th century Madras, this is a gripping tale which seamlessly blends adventure, history and mythology.

Full Dark, No Stars
Stephen King,
Hachette India, 2011, pp 340, 850
This is a collection of four stories which contains close-up portraits that bristle with intensity.

Tender Hooks
Moni Mohsin
Random House India, 2011, pp250, 199
This is a tale of wit and wickedness, a delightful romp through  Pakistani high society.

Love, my friend, is not easy!
Geeta Ravi
Indialog Publications, 2010, pp 155, 145
Set in the backdrop of  the IT industry in the 90s, this book is the story of three metro Indians who discover love.

Deliverance — A Novella
Gauri Deshpande, translated by Shashi Deshpande
Women Unlimited, 2010, pp 134, 225
This is a novel about the turbulent relationships within a family that chafes at being bound together by intensely close ties.

The collaborator
Mirza Waheed
Penguin, 2011, pp 308, 942
This is a stunningly humane work of storytelling with a poignant and unpredictable hero at its heart. The author lights our way into the heart of a war that is all too real.

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