China to enhance cooperation in BJP-ruled states

China to enhance cooperation in BJP-ruled states

The understanding has been reached at a meeting between BJP President Nitin Gadkari and Wang Jia Rui, the Chinese Minister of international department and a member of the central committee of the Communist Party of China.

"Responding to Gadkari's offer of cooperation with China in the BJP-ruled states, Wang said Beijing would be willing to enhance bilateral cooperation with the BJP states particularly in the manufacturing sector, IT services, pharmaceuticals and agricultural products," a statement by BJP said here today.

"The Chinese minister wished the BJP leader great success in the next general elections and said both the BJP and CPC must do something tangible to promote party-to-party contact at different levels," it said.

Gadkari arrived here on January 20 on a five day goodwill visit at the invitation of CPC, the first ever by his party.

The BJP president yesterday met the fifth ranking CPC Politburo member Li Changchun and held wide ranging talks with Chinese vice Minister Ai Ping.

The Chinese leaders acknowledged the core concerns like cross border terrorism by Pakistan and issue of stapled visas being issued to residents of Jammu and Kashmir by Beijing and agreed that these issues should be resolved through peaceful negotiations and in a mutually acceptable manner, it said.

"While the existing mechanisms and the government channels will try to resolve these issues, the political parties in both the countries should help in creating an atmosphere and public opinion conducive for an early resolution of the mutual concerns," the statement said.