Bagging it all...

Bagging it all...

Style quotient

Big, sleek or small, one can strike a fantastic fashion statement with bags. Bangalore-based designer Julie Kagti speaks about what’s in on the fashion scene when it comes to bags.

Unlike other accessories, which are worn just for beauty, bags have a purpose to serve. They are an important part of your daily routine as you carry many essential things in it. So it’s necessary one makes the right choice while buying a bag.

According to Julie, big bags are completely in. “As far as colours and fabrics are concerned, go green as eco-friendly quotient is totally in. Opt for environment-friendly fabrics like linen, raffia and natural fibre,” she advises. “While buying bags, go with your instincts. I feel bags are like shoes as they also depend on one’s personal taste. Personally, I like the non fussy classic style bags that are great for work.”

Shoppers and fashion enthusiasts in the City have a lot to choose as far as bags are concerned. Available in all shapes, sizes and colours, bags come in a variety of fabrics too — leather, cloth, jute and linen to name a few. Since the non branded ones are reasonably priced, one can easily keep a decent collection of bags and use them for different occasions. “It’s boring to use the same bag all the time,” notes Julie. “Since bags are great accessories and are a must to complete a fashionable look, one should mix and match and experiment as much as possible.”

For office people and college-goers, does Julie have any tips to offer? “They should go for bags that are functional — the ones that are big in size, hold a lot and have many zips,” she answers. What are the accessories that go well with bags? The usual ones like belts, shoes and scarves, feels Julie.

Choose your bags carefully and ensure that they complement your outfit. After all, it’s something that one carries everyday.

“Bags are a fashion statement and tell a lot about one’s taste,” says Julie. And it’s not just the branded, expensive ones that she is talking about! “You don’t have to carry big designer labels. One can come across many interesting finds from the flea markets and bazaars,” she adds. “Add a new element to your grandmom’s old clutch and it will describe your personal flair brilliantly,” she sums up.