'Another green revolution needed'

'Another green revolution needed'

“Health care, education, environment and a decent standard of living are the major priorities today. India is the only country which has extremely rich as well as extremely poor people. We have an excellent healthcare but everybody cannot afford it. The health care is poor among large population,” said the VC and added that the wealth should not be concentrated in one area instead it should be equally distributed.

Spiritual health plays an important role in increasing the quality of health. The five senses are related to the five elements. Whatever one inputs through his senses, the outcome will be similar. Quality of food and quality of nature bridges the gap between inside and outside, said Smt VHD Central Institute of Home Science Food and Nutrition Retired HoD Dr Shakunthala Manay in her keynote address.

“Most of the youngsters today suffer from life style diseases and doctors can do very little about it. This seminar inspires health care professionals to work on individual aspects at different levels,” said Yenepoya Specialty Hospital Director Dr Mohammad Tahir.

Quality in any field refers to doing right thing at a right time. In health care, quality is related to the quality of an individual’s life, said Women’s National Education Society President Kudpi Jagadish Shenoy.

The two-day seminar had technical sessions on topics like “Nutritional approach to good health,” “Preserving mental health,” “Preventing child abuse and promoting child health,” “Environmental hazards and health protection” and “Health promotion through nature care and Yoga.” The sessions werefollowed paper presentations.