Sweating over the design

Sweating over the design

Flaunt it

Enthusiastic: Chetana, Sneha, Mythreyi, Arsheya, Sukanya and Amrutha. DH photo by Manjunath M S

And the girls let their imaginations go wild when it comes to designs. These college shirts consist of graphics, smileys, funky captions and of course, the three most important alphabets for the girls — ‘JNC’. Metrolife spoke to the girls of various sections, who have their own sweat shirts and T-shirts.

The biotechnology batch of 2009-2012 has come out with a sleek black hooded sweatshirt. Says Arsheya, a second year biotechnology student, “Unlike other students, who order them during the final year, we ordered them during the beginning of our term so that we can wear them throughout our college years.”

The students were given a choice of two colours — grey and black, say Sneha and Mythreyi, two biotechnology students.

“Also, we could have it with a zip or without one,” add the two girls. Around 50 students in the biotechnology batch are the proud owners of this sweatshirt. The students got the sweatshirt done from La Bamba, a store on Brigade Road. “It generally doesn’t cost more than 400 or 500, as it’s tough for the students to shell out a lot of money as well,” they aver. The biotechnology sweatshirt also has some innovative imagery at the back. With whacky fonts and symbols, there is a slogan that goes — ‘Coding for a better life’.

The first year students of CEP (Communicative English, Optional English and Psychology) are not far behind when it comes to showcasing their creativity.

They are proud of their black and blue sweatshirts screaming out CEP on the front and JNCite at the back.

“When I came across a friend who makes sweatshirts, I thought why not get one designed,” says Amrutha Rajan, a CEP student.

“Then all the students got together and pitched in their suggestions and we came out with this sweatshirt,” says Chetana, another student. Everyone should be satisfied with the final outcome, say the girls and in this case, every one was. “In fact, many students started asking for it after we came out with it.”

For the students, whose classes or batches haven’t come out with their own shirts, there is always the classic grey T-shirt reading out ‘J.N.C’. Generally worn by the girls of the throwball team, these T-shirts are meant for any JNCite. “It’s always nice to wear a T-shirt like this especially when you are out somewhere as people can identify which institution you belong to,” says Sukanya Kingston, a second year BCom student. Well, talk about about taking pride in your institution! 

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