Sad turn: A scene from the show.Twist in the tale

Maati Ki Banno airs on Colors on January 27 at 6.30 pm. Surya Narayan announces that no one is going to mourn Virat’s death in the haveli. Avanti tells Vikram that she will name their kid Virat. Further in the episode, we will see Janki stoned, numb and also not shedding a tear over her son’s death. Then she reminds Avanti that it would be better if they flee from this place and go back to Mauritius.

Will Avanti and Vikram stay back with their family or will they run away? To know more tune into the show.  

Stylish: Wrecks To RichesFrom ordinary vehicles to swanky cars 

Join Barry and his team in Wrecks To Riches as they pick out car wrecks and work on them to turn them into cars again. In this spectacular episode, Barry with the team is trying to turn the ugly duckling into a swaggering swan.

He is putting his next creation online, hoping to flush out buyers from absolutely everywhere. Bidders can watch the build progress on Barry’s website as they contemplate how much they think its worth. Watch the excitement among the fans. The show airs on January 27 at 11 pm on Discovery Turbo. 

A fascinating water body

Animal Planet presents South Pacific on January 27 at 6 pm. The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest body of water. It lies between North and South America on the East, Asia and Australia on the West and Antarctica on the South. It makes up almost 33 per cent of the Earth’s total surface and 46 per cent of its water surface and is larger than all land areas combined.

The ocean is divided at the Equator into the North and the South Pacific. The islands in the South Pacific are filled with all manner of strange life. Long segregated from the mainland, they have developed into unique species rarely found anywhere else. Discover these strange islands in this episode of the South Pacific. 

Exciting everyday recipes 

Pasta, stir-fries, last night’s leftovers. These are the sort of dishes some of us come home to everyday.

Dispel that situation with Everyday Exotic as host Roger Mooking injects an exotic twist into everyday meals with one simple ingredient.

There is nothing more convenient than a mid-week macaroni and cheese dinner and Roger knows exactly how to up the exotic value of this meal — by simply adding his
Obedient Ingredient curry powder.

This delicious curried Macaroni and Cheese is coupled with a pitch-perfect pear slaw. To bring even more flavour to the palate, finish off with a bartender favourite, a Calcutta Mary.  Dishes featured include Curried Macaroni and Cheese, Creamy Curried Pear Slaw and Calcutta Mary.

Everyday Exotic airs on January 27 at 10 pm on TLC. 

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