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Open Sesame writer's garden

Open Sesame writer's garden


Mother, you are old and grey
nobody has time to spare
you are wrinkled and crippled
you are bent and dependent
nobody cares for you
gone are the days
when you were the pivot of the family
the banyan tree to your sons and daughters
when you cradled your loved granddaughter on your knee
your sacrifice and your hard work
all is forgotten
all is lost
but you are there
with nobody to care
drooping in the dark
like an orphan
people around you
are waiting like hawks for
the day to throw you away
but mother
I am your daughter
How can I bear
to have you away
from my world
You are always there
engraved in my heart

Dr. Manjula Rao

The day I met an alien!

My name is Mike and I’m going to tell you about the day. I met an Alien!!! It’s so happened on the very next day of June 22nd 2010. I was walking along the street and I was thinking about what present I could buy for my brother, since it was his birthday the next day.

I had just decided I would buy him some chocolates, when I heard a rustle from the dustbins kept near the wall of the building.

I stopped and looked in that direction. Two small legs popped out and then slowly a head, a tiny face, wiggly hair, a thin body, three fingered hands looked out at me.
I was so shocked at this sudden appearence that my mouth kept wide open. The funny looking creature or alien, which my mind already suggested the creature to be, was not surprised at all. It exclaimed “Earthlings didn’t see me but I have seen them,” in proper English, but a rather different tone. I was curious at this remark, so I asked “How!!! And when?!!!” “Right now” answered the alien.

 Now that was not a funny joke, I concluded. I was wondering “why he came to earth?” I asked him and he replied “Earthing! Don’t you know who I am? I am an alien. I was going to ‘Dibbron’ my native planet. While I was going, my spaceship crashed and I landed on Earth. Now I am looking for a “Solid cube” as you people call it, to fit into the spaceship’s main energy generator.” I figured out some of the words by guessing. I asked him some questions as we walked down the street to my house, even forgetting to buy some chocolates for my brother’s Birthday.

I fetched some food for the alien. But it refused and  took some greeny-blue, globby-blobby, jelly-like, strechy-sliny food.

It pulled the slime with its 3 fingered hands and stuffed it in to its mouth. “Mmmm! Pure flickly’s glorb!” it exclaimed in its own language. Im the shed we sat and then talked about its planet. It said “In our planet, we have no grass at all and there are brown roots growing out of the ground. These roots release a liquid which is our food. Our homes are floating in the atmosphere. The houses are mads up of flubby yellow clouds.” it explained. Then it gave me some chocolates and said “Enjoy your brother’s Birthday”.
I was relieved  and I thanked the alien. It waved to me, said “Good Bye” and suddenly vanished.

I was so happy as well as thrilled to see an alien. Then I went inside the house to call my brother to tell him everything. Suddenly I heard my mother’s voice- “Shashank! wake up; its time to get ready to go to school...” and I woke up and thought to myself, “What a beautiful story to remember. Its such a wonderful day today!!!”

M Shashank Bhat,
7th Std., BRMP Centenary Public School, Bantwal.

 That little bit of brightness!

 That little effort
There is a little brightness somewhere
Sometimes in your mind
Sometimes in your heart
That makes you so feel blind!
Far in the depths
It makes its meaning clear
It makes the sky blue
And vanishes every tear!
You don't need to hear it
For feeling is all that's needed
And life seems so simple
But it's never something pleaded!
It makes your day brighter
The tornado will seem very nice
The sun will feel so cool
And it makes you feel wise!
It's bigger than a grin
Better than a smile
Superior than a laugh
Finer than a mile!
Its mostly a quality
That is present in everyone
But when people really show it
It shows that you have won!
What do you do to a kitten
Fallen on the street?
What do you do to a beggar
Who is burning in the heat?
I bet you have guessed it right
But let me tell you again
It's the value of kindness
Which is the essence against pain!
Lets pray, oh! world
That let kindness shine
On this very beautiful earth
On every minute line!

Prakruthi Harihar,

My best friend....!

I have a friend who is always in my heart.
In her heart. She is the bus and
I am a passenger-
in it. She is the great gift of God.
Her eyes are like blooming flowers,
Which shine all through my life,
Her face is like a shining star.
Who makes my life a brighter one.
Her speech is sweet as honey,
She is also as sweet as honey,
She has friends as many as stars.
Her kindness towards others is endless in the sky,
She is the most liked person by everyone,
Her intention is to not hurt anyone.
She is the only lovely friend who I have ever seen-
in my life
  and Do you know who she is? Yes afcourse,
She is our sweet teacher. Whom I called a-
best friend Her name is
 ‘Hem Miss.

M. Rishek, VIII Std., ‘A’ Sec.
Don Bosco School,


friendship is like
a river of dreams, which
do not end. It rises somewherem
flows somewhere and joins the
sea somewhere
friendship is like a
shining sun, which is very high
its not easy to make or break
a friendship which no one can
touch its (sun’s) height
friendship is like a
lovely flower which attracts many
beautiful butteflies to suck its
sweet nectar
Only true friends can taste the nectar
of friendship.

art and poem: Teja G. Nair
9th std.
St. Anns Indian High School

The Magic Carpet

My Daddy had just told me that we were not going on our annual holiday to India where my G rand Ma and Grand Dad live. I am now 7 years old and perhaps I could go alone?
I went up the ladder to the attic to hunt for one of  my old toys. Suddenly I saw a beautiful carpet. I touched it and it started moving and floated upwards in air. I realized that it was not an ordinary carpet. I asked it to take me to India Gate in Delhi. So off we went sailing in the sky to India. It was rather scary at first but once I saw the lights of India, I felt fine and excited. The carpet landed on top of India Gate.
I loved the sights all around, people running, flags waving and cars going 'Beep Beep'! It was really amazing. After spending a little time and enjoying the lights and colours, I asked the carpet to take me home back to Scotland.
Suddenly, I woke up and opened my eyes. My Mom had come to the attic after searching for me everywhere in the house. She asked me, "Who has pushed the carpet down from the attic?
Does she know that for kids of my age it is no ordinary carpet but a magic one?

Rohan Tauro,
Grade III, Dundee High, Dundee,

O tree, O tree, O tree !
You give us oxygen free,
And make our environment pollution free.
You bring rain,
Which fills us with grain.
You prevent floods,
And protect lands.
You are shelter to many birds,
And home for homeless.
You prevent soil erosion,
And protect our lands from desertificaion.
But today man has lost his sense,
Due to which you are in loss;
Ecological balance is what you maintain,
Without you there will be no rain.
Here's a message which we ought to undertake,
Don't wait or it will be too late.

Sudeep. M. ( VIII Std )
Chinmaya Vidyalaya
Hubli .

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