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Mythological tale

The programme will premiere on the channel today at 12 pm. Tripura is an animation feature full of action and special effects of mythological proportions. The epic Tripura begins after the death of King Taraka, at the hands of the devas, who send the asuras fleeing from their kingdoms into hiding. Determined to provide a safe haven for them, the great asura architect Maya draws on his vast powers of sorcery to build three magnificent airborne cities named Tripura, each to be ruled over by one of Taraka’s three sons. The cities are indestructible, only able to be destroyed by the one and only Lord Shiva, the destroyer. Soon enough, the asura kings begin craving greater power. They plan a secret invasion of the kingdom of the devas. Now, Indra the king, faces a formidable challenge — defeating an enemy who is protected by the Gods themselves.

Task master

Come February 1, Shah Rukh Khan will be back on television with an all-new show titled Zor Ka Jhatka on Imagine TV. On the show, Shah Rukh will take 28 television stars outside their comfort zone into the world’s biggest obstacle course in Argentina. At stake is prize money worth Rs 1.5 crore, including a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh for the winner of the finale. Shah Rukh will challenge these contestants to a series of hilarious tasks and obstacles — right from jumping over moving obstacles to bouncing off big balls and dodging swinging pendulums hurled their way. The show premieres on February 1 at 9 pm.

Metallic beauties

Catch the world’s most prestigious vintage car auction for the first time on television. Imagine a Bugatti Atalante Type 57 standing in a garage for 50 years before being found and put up for auction at US$ 5 million. A Maserati commissioned by the Shah of Iran and a 1918 Bugatti made for the French national hero and aviator, Roland Garros, breaks through pre-sales estimate by a seven figure sum. Automobile enthusiasts can feast their eyes as Discovery Turbo brings a bevy of metallic splendours in an astonishing series of Retromobile Car show, Classic Autos: The Paris Auction. The show airs on Discovery Turbo every Monday at 10 pm.