Prosecuting Jayalalithaa

Prosecuting Jayalalithaa

JayalalithaaBut due to a benign central disposition, sanction was hard to come by.

But then the indefatigable Subramanian Swamy took up the case and lodged a private complaint with Dr Chenna Reddy. The charges, among others, related to the purchase of land from Tamil Nadu State Industries Corporation (TANSI) in the name of a firm, ‘Jaya Publications’ at a low price.

In 1995, Dr Reddy granted sanction to prosecute Jayalalithaa. The DMK Government which came to power in 1996, slapped a few more corruption cases against Jayalalithaa and even sent her to jail briefly. However, Jayalalithaa has been acquitted in most of these cases.

Only one major case is before a Special Court in Bangalore.

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