States told to introduce tamper-proof number plates

States told to introduce tamper-proof number plates

 On the direction of the ministry of home, the Transport Ministry has communicated to the state governments to replace the current “easy to remove and tamper” plates in the vehicles with a non-replicable chromium hologram with laser numbering.

 The high-security system will have a chromium-based registration plate on the windshield which would show if  tampered by anyone.

After the mobile phone and communication services, the Home Ministry is “on the road” to secure means of commuting and block their “misuse” by terrorists by changing number plates of the stolen vehicles. 

The high-priced number plates have already been introduced in Goa and a couple of states in the North-East.

Most states, including Karnataka, have shown reluctance to introduce the new number plates on account of their cost and the strict procedures laid down by the Centre. The cost of  new registration plate is almost three times the cost of the current plates.

The high-security registration plates are to be delivered and fixed by the government designated and experienced agencies having expertise in the new technology.

The misuse of stolen cars or two-wheelers by terrorists for ferrying members of their gangs and for explosion has come to light in several cases.