BMRCL announces Metro fares

BMRCL announces Metro fares

BMRCL announces Metro fares

The tickets will be issued in the form of contactless smart tokens (CST), contactless smart cards (CSC)—available as stored value ticket, Varshik and trip tickets, Sanchar—group tickets, and integrated metro-bus ticket. The CST tokens, offering the non-discounted fares, are to be touched on the pad of the station entry gate and dropped into the slot at the exit gate of the exit station. Tokens will be available at the station’s ticket counters. Each token will be for single journey only. Each person can procure up to six tokens for five additional passengers travelling with him. Each passenger has to carry the token.

The CSCs will be available at stations for multiple journeys. CSCs provide discounted fares in the form of stored value tickets and trip tickets.

The CSC will be available for Rs 50, which will be non-refundable and different from the stored value of a CSC. After purchasing the CSC, the commuter can load Varshik or Sanchar or both tickets in the same CSC to the required value or trips.

The stored value tickets (named Varshik) has money value stored in it and gets reduced to the extent journey is performed. Varshik is valid for one year from the date of last “add value.”

A trip ticket (named Sanchar) has a fixed number of trips (10, 40, 50 or 100 trips) stored into it. One trip is a journey with an “entry” followed by an “exit” from a station. Trips can be purchased in advance for journeys between any two stations; and this will be beneficial for commuters travelling regularly between fixed places. Sanchar10, is valid for one month, Sanchar 40 and 50 are valid for three months and Sanchar 100 is valid for six months from the date of last “add trip.”

Group tickets in the form of paper tickets will be issued to a group of minimum of 10 passengers travelling together between same set of stations. These tickets are manually checked at separate entry / exit gates at the stations. These tickets will get a discount of 10 per cent of the token fare for each passenger.

BMRCL and BMTC will jointly introduce daily pass—an integrated metro-bus ticket (MBT pass)—for unlimited journeys on Namma Metro and in BMTC buses for the day. These will be available in BMTC Buses and at Metro stations. Passengers have to purchase the CSCs (if they don’t have) to avail of this facility.

There are two categories-Saral and Saraag-of MBT pass. The Saral ticket costing Rs 110 will allow commuters to travel in all BMTC buses (except airport services) and Metro. The Saraag ticket, priced at Rs 70, will allow passengers to travel in BMTC non air-conditioned buses and on the Metro.

Minimum charge to enter station

A minimum fare will be charged for entering a Metro station. The maximum permissible time limit between entry and exit from the “paid area” of the same station is 20 minutes and for stay in the entire system—entry / exit from the “paid area”—of different stations is 120 minutes. For stay beyond the permissible limit, the commuter will be liable for eviction from the station. A penalty of Rs 10 per hour will be levied, subject to a maximum of Rs 50.

Fare tables for tokens (Varshik fares in brackets)

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