Congress leaders let go at CM

Congress leaders let go at CM

Name-calling apart, Siddaramaiah referred to Yeddyurappa in the singular many times, and even branded him as the “most corrupt chief minister of all times.”

He alleged that Yeddyurappa was allowing the Reddys of Bellary to indulge in “illegal” mining and was a party to the proceeds of the alleged ill-gotten wealth.

“In public, he challenges the Opposition parties for a debate (on scams), but runs away from it in the legislature”, Siddaramaiah said.

During his address, Congress Central leader Shantharam Naik had trouble pronouncing the name of Yeddyurappa. The crowd burst into laughter each time he took the chief minister’s name.

A youth who allegedly tried to pickpocket a wallet from a Congress worker during the rally was thrashed by the crowd. The youth has been identified as Shankar (21), a native of Tamil Nadu. He was later handed over to the police