'Concept of 'Hind' become weapon of mass destruction'

'Concept of 'Hind' become weapon of mass destruction'

Speaking on ‘Hind Swaraj,’ the volume authored by Mahatma Gandhi in 1909, renowned writer Pattabhi Ram Somayaji said, the small volume written 102 years ago unveils Gandhi’s views on swaraj in a very sensitive way. “It contains intense feelings. The book speaks about nation and religion.

However, freedom of impartial expression has been suppressed in our country since ages. In contrast to this, Hind Swaraj supports the thought of equality in expression,” he said.

Gandhiji’s idea of ‘nation’ was exactly opposite to what India is today. He strongly resented the idea of nation. He felt the nation should be motherland and not nation. Sarcastically, the concept of nation has left countless tragedies before us since 62-63 years. Many people in this country are made to think whether they belong to this country or they are aliens? They are forced to abandon the feelings of oneness. In fact, this is a tragic chapter in the history of India. Today the concept of ‘Hind’ has become a weapon of mass destruction, Pattabhi lamented.

Gandhiji supported the view of land and not nation. He favoured a land without modern civilisation. Gandhi felt modern civilisation would be disastrous, he said.

Quoting Gandhi, Pattabhi said, ‘Hind Swaraj’ teaches love in place of hate. Gandhi’s vision of non violence was an active force with love, he said.