Lokayukta does not fight against government: Hegde

Lokayukta does not fight against government: Hegde

Speaking after laying the foundation stone for the new office building of the Mangalore Lokayukta in Urva Store on Monday, Justice Hegde urged the government to empower Lokayukta body. “Lokayukta might not be a constitutional organisation, but it is a statutory body which needs to be empowered for the public good. Empowering Lokayukta would boost the confidence of the people in the government,” he said.

He urged the government to recruit more number of staff to Lokayukta for the efficient functioning.
Karnataka Lokayukta has carried out 1,600 raids in the last four years, he said and added that Lokayukta needs more staff.

“There are 1,090 personnel working for Karnataka Lokayukta. Mere recruiting of inspectors and DySPs will not serve the purpose. We require more number of support staff like stenographers and accountants. Filing a charge sheet needs the assistance of four officers,” he said.

He said separate Lokayukta offices should be set up in every district centres. Separate office for Lokayukta provides more privacy, he added.

However, he expressed his discontentment over the government’s decision of setting up Lokayukta office in ZP premises in Mangalore. In fact, the Lokayukta office was supposed to be established in Deputy Commissioner’s office premises.

The new Lokayukta office  in Mangalore will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 180 lakh. Out of which, Rs 65 lakh for the phase I work has already been sanctioned by the government.