Chaingate road turns into 'dust bowl'

Chaingate road turns into 'dust bowl'

Houses situated on the roadside are filled with dust. There seems to be no end to the agony of the hapless commuters on this stretch. The K H B colony situated adjacent to the Chaingate Circle on Mysore road has virtually turned into a ‘dust bowl.’

Nirmithi Kendra which started the work on replacing the old pipeline in the region has not completed the work, which has resulted in the thick cloud of dust emanating from the ground, alleges locals. Owing to the incomplete work, the KRDCL has suspended the work on road widening from Aranya Bhavana.

If one waits for bus near Chaingate for five minutes, then he has to change his clothes and take bath before going to his destination. “We are ready to face hardship for any development work. But why we have to face punishment for the mistakes done by the Nirmithi Kendra?” asks a local.

The KRDCL official said that they will start the work on road widening only after Nirmithi Kendra completes the work on laying pipeline. However, Nirmithi Kendra has suspended its work for the last few weeks.

“When we brought the issue to the notice of CMC, they inturn showed their finger at Nirmithi Kendra. Neither Nirmithi Kendra official nor contractors are available. Whom should we tell our woes,?” asks Chaingate resident S Lokesh.

“Nobody is finding any solution to our problem. In this background, Sarvajanika Hitharakshana Samithi is planning to hold a road block in Chaingate,” says KHB colony residents R P Chandrashekar, B T Papu, N D Kushalappa.

In fact, the residences of ZP CEO, PWD and Forest department officials are situated close to Chaingate.

As they travel in cars, they do not understand the problems being faced by the commonman, feels the residents.

“All those passengers who have to travel to Kushalnagar, Mysore have to board the bus at Chaingate Circle. Owing to the dust, many children in the vicinity have fallen sick. If the authorities sprinkle water to the soil atleast two times in a day, then the dust problem may be reduced to some extent,” feels residents.

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