Indian documents ancient science of Anthro-Biometry

Chennai-based R K S Muthukrishnan, who solved the great Pyramid mystery in 1997, has come out with a new book on Anthro-Biometry, the ancient science which was first perfected by the Siddhars of South India, great yogic masters who went beyond the practice of yoga into the mystical realms of attaining miraculous powers.

The new e-book titled "The Egyptian Code - A Secret Code of the Pharoahs That Can Turn Small Businesses into Empires", explains in detail the intricacies of this ancient science.

Muthukrishnan said last night, Pharoahs of Egypt made widespread use of this ancient science in their golden period, in constructing pyramids, most importantly the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The author said the use of the universal concept of Sacred Geometry is evident even today in some cultures, through their religious symbols, notably the Jewish Pentagram or Star of David, and the Hindu Sri Yantra, a complex drawing comprising the intersection of nine upward and downward facing triangles set within a lotus flower.

"Today these Sri Yantras are found inscribed on copper plates placed below deities in temples," he said. Muthukrishnan, a descendant of the Kambalathu Nayakars, a Telugu-speaking militant tribal clan living in the times of the Vijayanagar Empire, said that the Kambalathu Nayakars widely known as tantric warriors practised Anthro- Biometry to invoke cosmic forces through Sacred Geometry for use in wars waged by the Vijayanagar emperors.

"This clan of tantric warriors were sent by the Vijayanagar kings to conquer Madurai under the leadership of Vishwanadha Nayakar, a general in the Vijayanagar army."

"On the conclusion of this successful military campaign Thirumalai Nayakar who was crowned king of Madurai distributed Palayams (fiefdoms) to the Kambalathu Nayakars in gratitude for their aid in winning the war."

He said "as peace reigned, the Kambalathu Nayakars put to use their ancient science of Anthro-Biometry in developing the welfare of the people. The clan built excellent irrigation systems that are in use even today in parts of Tamil Nadu. During the British rule the Kambalathu Nayakars were granted Zamindar status."

The author who claims direct lineage from these Zamindars said his ancestors were widely known for the use of "Sacred Geometry in predicting weather patterns for agriculture and material development of the masses."

Muthukrishnan's attempts to document the use of this ancient science of which his ancestors were masters, began three decades ago when he was just a youth of 23. Fascinated by the stories he had heard of the powers of his ancestors, the author set out on a personal odyssey, literally a road journey to the great temples of South India, to understand the intricacies of this ancient science.

Through his struggles to understand this esoteric science Muthukrishnan said he was able to perceive a universal thread that linked the sacred geometry code used by the Pharaohs to the Anthro-Biometric science of the Kambalathu Nayakars.

"What I discovered during the 30-year-long investigation is that every human being experienced four periods - gold, silver, copper and carbon - that affects the course of our lives. Anthro-Biometry could be used to find out which period a human being is undergoing and to either reduce negative impacts or capitalise on positive pointers through the use of the universal principles of sacred geometry," he said.

According to Muthukrishnan the science of Anthro-Biometry can be used to convert an individual's date of birth, his or her signature and birth name into geometric angles which are then used to predict that human being's life period. "The copper and carbon periods are problem periods but can be detected 7 years in advance by the use of this science and to reduce its impact by half," Muthukrishnan said.

The e-book has been published by Smashwords, an e-book publishing and distribution platform, serving authors, independent publishers, readers and major e-book retailers.

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