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Kanchana sisters - Sriranjini and SruthiranjiniRhythm and melody

The Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha conducted the International Music Conference and Festival, last week.

National and international scholars took part in the demonstrations on the theme “Rhythm and Melodies in World Music”.

Chandan Kumar’s flute recital demonstrated his talent and music accomplishment in the delightful alap of Mohana. Touching the pivotal swaras he made the raga shimmer in his delineation.

Though thana was powerful, one felt he could have began the thana slowly and moved to ‘drutha kaala’ gradually.

The finale came in the form of Pallavi, with ragamalika swaras.  A composition in Manoranjini and a thillana were his other choices and Chandan Kumar was able to carry his audience with him. Charulatha Ramanujam on violin, H S Sudhindra on mridanga and M Gururaj on morching – gave competent support on their respective instruments.

Expressive dance

The second programme of the day was a Bharathanatya recital by Priyadarshini Govind. The initial Pushpanjali (Amrithavarshini) and Kauthvam (Shanmukhapriya) had their gentle charm, with attractive movements.

In the varna (Natakuranji) of Dandayudhapani Pillai, Priyadarshini was in her elements, with precise foot work. With expressive eyes and graceful stances, she easily conveyed the character of “Parakeeya nayaka” in the pada and was equally impressive in the jawadi (Purvi Kalyani).

The thillana (Kadanakuthuhala) was also evocative and concluded with Vande Matharam, which suited the occasion. Priyadarshini Govind’s classical attainment is a touch stone of balance and precision. The musical support with – Balakrishna (Natuvanga), Preethi Mahesh (vocal), Shakthivel (mridanga) and Muruganandan (violin) – was adequate.

Aradhana celebrations

This is the season of ‘Aradhana’ celebrations all over the city.  Sabhas and Organisations are vying with each other to pay tributes to the great composers of Karnatic music. One such institution “Naadajyothi Sri Tyagaraja Swamy Bhajana Sabha” is celebrating the Purandara and Tyagaraja Aradhana from last 45 years. This year, in collaboration with the Malleswaram Arya Vysya Sangha conducted the music festival with music concerts, ensemble, ‘unchavrithi’, felicitation to senior artistes and distribution of aid to ailing artistes.

Devoted to an exposition of the great composers Malladi Brothers recital formed a refreshing performance by the accomplished vocalists (Sri Ramaprasad and Ravi Kumar). “Narada Gana Lola” – evidenced their concern to display its textual and musical charm effectively. The vocalist’s sprightly rendition of “Kailasanathena Samrakshithoham” with neraval and swara was convincing and expressive. Their rendition of – Yetulaina Bhakthi, Sri Narasimha, Pahi Pahi and Muddugara Yashoda – evoked keen listening. Finally ‘Vaishnava Janatho’ – also pleased the gathering. B.U. Ganesh Prasad on violin, C. Cheluvaraj on Mridanga and Sukanya Ramgopal on Ghata – gave lively support.

Fruit of hard work

The BTM Cultural Academy also held the ‘Aradhana Sapthaha’ paying tributes to six prominent composers of Karnatic music. Sriranjini and Sruthiranjini, known as Kanchana sisters, had selected compositions of Veena Seshanna for their vocal recital. A band of experienced instrumentalists – Mysore Srikanth (violin), C Cheluvaraj (mridanga), Dayananda Mohithe (ghata) and Bharadwaj Sathavalli (morching) – accompanied and shared the honours with the main artistes.

A jathiswara in the raga Manavathi and a rare varna in ragamalika, and a keerthana in the raga Natakapriya, were followed by a Kannada devaranama ‘Sharade Varade’ in Kalyani. A detailed description of vachaspathi revealed their appreciation of its appealing grace.

They sang “Yemani Delu Pudura” with sufficient stress on the details of the song’s artistic excellence. Apart from the famous jinjoti, they also chose a less known thillana in Ragamalike.

Such thematic concerts will help to bring to light rare and lesser known compositions, to light. Though most of them were infrequent compositions, Kanchana sisters sang with ease and assurance, which is proof of their hard home work.

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