Tiger from Ranthambore makes MP's Kuno-Palpur its new home

Tiger from Ranthambore makes MP's Kuno-Palpur its new home

"The tiger's pugmarks were noticed last month and recently it was captured in a camera," Kuno-Palpur Divisional Forest Officer Ashok Mishra said.

"Our Tiger has crossed over to Kuno-Palpur and was living there," Ranthambore Tiger Reserve Deputy Field Director R P Gupta told PTI over phone today.

The big cat went out of the reserve some six months back and after wandering near the ravines of Chambal finally settled in Kuno-Palpur, the director said.

He said the number of tigers was more than tigress in Ranthambore and possibly because of this the tiger identified as T-38 has found a home in Kuno-Palpur.

Tiger usually needs a huge territory and there was a good habitat in Kuno-Palpur, Gupta said.

"We have been informed that the tiger is going for the kills there," he said.

The unexpected guest has arrived in Kuno Palpur which is around 100 km away from Ranthambore. It is spread over an area of around 350 sq km, where the first batch of imported Cheetahs is proposed to be transclocated by December.