Buyers shy away; tobacco bales rot in Hassan dist

Buyers shy away; tobacco bales rot in Hassan dist

The farmers returning with the tobacco bales they brought to sell, as there were no takers for their yield in the market, in Hassan recently. DH PHOTO

Speaking to the reporters, Shivarudraiah said that the system of levying 15 per cent fine for unauthorised tobacco has been followed at the markets in Andhra Pradesh.

There are possibilities of following this system introduced by the Central Tobacco Board at the markets here. An announcement in this regard would be made soon, he added.
The farmers holding license are allowed to sell only 1740 kgs of tobacco. If they grow excess yield, they have to pay penalty fixed by the government and continue with marketing the same. Hence, those who had grown more than the fixed quantity should first select the best quality for sale instead of paying fine amount, he advised.

Most of the bales brought by the farmers for sale is damp and more than 30 per cent of the bales are not saleable.

This is due to the negligence of the farmers who fail to pack their produce into bales before the onset of monsoon.

The quality is also spoilt by spraying water on the drying leaves of the bales. They have to inevitable store them in godowns before loading them on the vehicles to shift them to the market in Andhra Pradesh and by this time the leaves rot and is fit for only manure and is not preferred by the traders.

Auction supervisor Chandrashekar Rao said that the tobacco bales are rejected as the farmers bring them with more moisture content, which is in the rotting stage.

The bales should be mildly sprayed with water before bringing them to market. Farmers should concentrate more on the matter, or have to face rejection of their produce, he stated.