Slender loris rescued, let into IISc forest

Slender loris rescued, let into IISc forest

The rare slender loris, which was released into the mini forest opposite the Centre for Ecological Sciences of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. DH photo/Subhash Chandra N S

Slender loris is fast disappearing from the Garden City due to habitat loss. It is protected under Schedule 2 of the Wildlife Act.

Residents of Chamundinagar had initially rescued the animal which was ailing. They handed it over to Ataz, head of the department of zoology at Al Ameen College.

Ataz, who has formed the Society for Wildlife Education Adventure and Research (SWEAR) to rescue wildlife in trouble, was puzzled finding the smallest primitive primate in the country (measuring less than 16 inches) in the City, considering the depleting green cover.

“The animal was in bad condition and was taken care of for two days, before being released back in the wild. We learnt about the mini forest in IISc, which has a bamboo grove, an ideal habitat for slender loris,” he said.

The animal was released into the forest in the presence of T V Ramachandra, senior scientist at CES. “We already have two of these here,” said Ramachandra.

He said slender loris had big red eyes and thrived on bamboo shoots, berries and insects. The animal is poached for its eyes, believed to have medicinal properties. It is also sold for black magic and witchcraft. It is also in demand as a pet.