Going gaga over galas

Going gaga over galas


Going gaga over galas

GROOVY Abhishek Bachchan performing at an awards function.

Two of the main award shows to be aired were Filmfare Awards and Star Screen Awards. But over time, there has been an increase in the number of award functions. And the over exposure of movie stars, on television as well as the Internet, has decreased the aura surrounding them. 

Metrolife asks the young generation of the City if they still find time to watch their favourite stars grace the red carpet, or have the awards lost the charm that they once used to boast of?

Many people agree that most of these award shows are still entertaining to watch.
 “It depends on who is hosting the show. If it is someone good then it is fun to watch. But yes, some of the dance performances are just too boring,” says Suchi, a sales executive.

“The shows hosted by Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan were funny, especially the digs they took on other celebrities,” says Sharad, an IT professional.

And surprisingly, awards are the last thing on anyone’s mind.  “These shows are scripted just like the movies. But the acts and song-and-dance routines are good fun,” says Raina, a marketing professional.

But irrespective of the entertainment quotient, the current generation does find award shows important enough to make time for them. 

“My parents still watch the Filmfare Awards whenever they are on but I watch them only if I am free. I don’t strictly follow them,” says Namrata, a professional.

Others agree. “If I am free and have nothing better to do, I watch award shows but I don’t make time for them,” says Misha, a communications student. And people are also choosy about which awards they prefer to watch. “I don’t see all the award shows but I do watch the Filmfare Awards as it’s the oldest one,” says Sasha Punwani, a student of hotel management.

 And it is not always about the whole show but just one performance. “I will make it a point to watch the Filmfare Awards this time as Shah Rukh Khan will be dancing with Madhuri,” says Rashmi, a professional.  Anything with a glamour quotient, will surely grab eyeballs. And award shows are one place where glamour is at its height. “These award functions are all about celebrities, clothes and gossip. And I don’t think young people will ever get tired of them. They are always interested in them,” says Sharad.

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