Sumptuous food with stars

Sumptuous food with stars


Sumptuous food with stars

Ready to fly: Aircraft at the Yelahanka Air Force Station. DH Photo by P Samson Victor

The Aero Show 2011 begins today and be sure that there’s going to be fun not only in the air but also on your plate because food is going to be a big part of the show this year.

There’s going to be something for everyone, right from the bigwigs to the aam janta. The organisers have done well in catering to every palate.

The ITC Group of Hotels have bagged the contract to undertake catering at the Aero Show. “There’s going to be food for everyone right from the business class to the ordinary people. There’s an array of cuisines from across the world. Since there are a lot of foreigners coming in, we decided to keep the menu simple but as varied as possible,” said an official with the defence.  

The ITC Hotels have made elaborate preparations. The bookings are full with most of the business tycoons slated to stay at the hotel.  There will be exclusive restaurants by the ITC Group, offering specific cuisines at the show – like Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian (North and South) and Japanese food to mention a few. There will be a salad bar and counters that will serve an array of sweets.    

Sharmila MandreThere are also going to be a good number of Sandalwood stars at the show. The aviation freaks of Kannada film industry, who have a fascination for planes and were always curious to know more about them, are going to make their presence felt.

Chiranjeevi SarjaThe names of all the planes have always intrigued actor Chiranjeevi Sarja. He has been curious to find the origin of the names. He’s all set to go to this year’s Aero Show. “I have always wanted to sit in the cockpit of one of the jet planes, and the fighter planes have never ceased to amaze me. The sound of planes really excite me and that’s exactly why I go to the show whenever it’s here,” says Chiranjeevi. Chetan too says that as a child he has always had a thing for planes. “There’s so much development and progress happening in the aviation industry and shows like these showcase that progress,” observes Chetan and adds, “the concept of flying cars is not far off. Somehow, anything to do with aviation fulfills the fantasy I have for planes.” Sharmila Mandre has a phobia of flying. “I am really scared of flying but when it comes to the Aero Show I wouldn’t mind taking some time off to be there and watch the grand spectacle in the skies. It’s not always that you get to see something like this,” she signs off.