Mubarak approves committee to amend constitution

Mubarak approves committee to amend constitution

"The president signed a decree to form a commission which will be tasked to oversee constitutional and required legislative amendments," Vice President Omar Suleiman said on television, after briefing Mubarak on the outcome of the national dialogue meeting.

"The president also tasked the prime minister with forming a follow-up committee to implement decisions taken by parties to the national dialogue," he added.

The committee will wrap up its work by the end of February, Suleiman said, adding that Egypt has a timetable for a peaceful and organized transfer of power.

Suleiman has begun discussion with opposition representatives including the Muslim Brotherhood to draw plans for the democratic transition.

Mubarak ordered Monday a committee to investigate into riots that took place between pro and anti-government protesters Feb 2, leaving 11 people dead and nearly 900 others injured. The protesters are seeking ouster of Mubarak who has ruled the country for 30 years.