Secrets of food

What is the best relief from spicy food? Is eating celery a way to lose weight? What stains your teeth the fastest — tea, cola, coffee or wine? Is it possible for a food to have negative calories? If you have got questions, Discovery Science has the answers. In its new investigative series Food Science, the channel will invade your kitchens and use science to find the truth behind all your pesky questions. Food Science airs on February 10 at 8.30 pm.

Power couples

CHARMING Ava Gardner FOX History & Entertainment presents Greatest Romances of the 20th Century on February 10 at 8 pm. Watch the story of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun at 8 pm. They met after his first love’s suicide. The daughter of a master craftsman and the Fuhrer of Germany; Eva’s diaries and photo album plus a rare archive film, shot at his Bavarian idyll at Berchtesgarten, expose the petty tyrannies and frustrations of Hitler’s secret romance with Eva Braun, which ended in a suicide pact as enemy forces closed in.

This will be followed by the love story of Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner goes down in history at 8.30 pm.

Ava was a sultry sex goddess and Howard was a multi-millionaire playboy, aircraft designer, part-time movie producer and reclusive eccentric. Of all the beautiful women in the world, she was the only woman who ever succeeded in capturing his heart.

Creatures of the wild

Nigel Marvin is on the hunt for the world’s largest jaguars in South America in Nigel Marvin’s Jaguar Adventure.

Travelling deep into the heart of the Pantanal, the largest waterland in the world and the size of Britain, Nigel comes face to face with these magnificent cats and chases down scientists who are rushing to save them on Brazil’s burgeoning cattle ranches.

Nigel’s time is short — he’s just got four weeks to find his jaguars and as many of the amazing weird swamp creatures that he can.

Watch Nigel Marvin’s Jaguar Adventure on February 10 at 9 pm on Animal Planet.