Caught in their uniforms

Caught in their uniforms


UNOFFICIAL Delegates from Kazakhstan and Mongolia. DH Photo by P Samson Victor

They would only gesture denoting they didn’t want to have anything to do with the media but get them talking about anything other than the so called ‘official’, they turn to you with a smile.

“We love the place, we don’t get to see anything like this back home. We didn’t want to miss a chance to come here because we heard that this was one of the biggest shows, not to be missed,” says Dauren Z, a delegate from Kazakhstan. Perhaps it was the uniforms of the delegates from Kazakhstan and Mongolia and their  caps that caught a lot of people’s attention.

There was just a shade difference between the two uniforms but the officers looked smart in it.  The ordinary people were seen randomly clicking pictures with them and they didn’t seem to mind all the attention as long as they were not asked to talk.

About their experience and stay in India, Gankhauyaz Zolbadrakh from Mongolia says, “We thought there would be extreme weather conditions in India. We seem to not only love the food but also the weather. It’s just right for flying.” Dauren Z finds no difference in the professionalism and flying expertise of the Indian pilots and those back home in Kazakhstan.

“Indian pilots are skillful and fearless. They really conquered the skies with their stunts. I am sure it takes hours of practice and training in the skies to be able to do something like that,” he says.

Dauren found the food a little spicy but said the people are warm and friendly.
“We’re happy that we decided to come to India. We would have missed an awesome show and of course the warmth of the people,” he says.