'Bangalore's amazing from that height'

'Bangalore's amazing from that height'


'Bangalore's amazing from that height'

INFORMED Timothy J Roemer. DH Photo by Janardhan B K

The US ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer always nurtured the dream of soaring into the skies and hobnobbing with the stars.

He seems to have fulfilled that dream after he flew an F 16 Fighting Falcon at the Aero Show on its inaugural day.

“My co-pilot told me that I actually made a loop in the sky. And my wife called me six times when I was in air. I called her and told her a dialogue straight out of the movie 3
Idiots that 'all is well' and she was reassured,” said a visibly excited Timothy and added, “it was amazing to see Bangalore from that height.”

Timothy has spent a better part of his stay in India by travelling around the country.
“I have had a chance to try the food in every part of the country. I was told by Defence Minister A K  Antony in Delhi that I must never leave the country without visiting South India for its picturesque locations and great food. And lo, here I am,” he told Metrolife.
The dal and ‘rice’ and the thali meal concept have impressed Timothy.

He travelled to Jaipur for the Literature Fest. In Kolkata, he even managed to get a glimpse of a rare tiger.

“I told Jairam Ramesh that I got a glimpse of a rare tiger. Now he (Ramesh) plans to go to Gujarat to see one himself,” said Timothy. 

Timothy says that India is a country he always wanted to travel to and explore.

“There’s always something new and exciting to see around. We have always wanted to maintain close relations with the people of India. It’s a pleasure,” he said.

Timothy was bombarded with questions about the United States’ relations with Pakistan.

He seemed a little miffed at first but very politely said with a broad smile, “Looks like
Indian journalists are a little obsessed with Pakistan. Don’t you have anything
else to ask me?” he wondered and rushed off to catch the next flight.

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