Industrial estate 'inhabited' by supernaturals

Industrial estate 'inhabited' by supernaturals

A huge chunk of land developed for setting up an industrial estate near Baghra village in Zamania town about two decades back, has found no takers. Reason: The entire land is believed to be haunted and inhabited by supernaturals.

Not a single entrepreneur has come forward to buy the land in the seven hectares complex, where as many as 40 plots were earmarked for medium and small scale industrial units in 1992 by the government.

The authorities spent lakhs of rupees to develop the area by making provisions for electricity, pucca roads and other facilities with the hope that the investors would set up units and the local people would get jobs.

Even the ‘chowkidar’ (guard) appointed by the administration did not live there fearing the unknown.

“We were very happy when the area was developed and thought that we will get jobs but then not a single unit had been set up here,” said Ramakant Tewari, a local.
While officials hesitate to admit, locals claim that the land was haunted. “The land belongs to a local deity Bhagyeshwari Devi, who died here hundreds of years back and anyone who dares to construct anything or deface it will suffer consequences,” said Shiva Bind, a resident of Baghri village.

The villagers gave several examples where those, who tried to do something there, suffered some loss and abandoned the idea.

“The fear is so much that one cannot get people to work as mason or labourer even if he wants to start construction,” claims Vijay Tewari, another villager.

District industrial centre officials admit that they have heard such stories from the locals but reject them outrightly. But they could not explain why there are no takers. They, however, promised all help to those willing. While the claim of the villagers will find few takers, it certainly has put the brakes on the development of the area.