Netravati-Phalguni Jodukare Kambala today

Netravati-Phalguni Jodukare Kambala today

Addressing a press meet here, he said as a part of showacasing the culture of Tulunadu, a special Kambala race track has been constructed at Pilikula Heritage village in front of Guthu mane. The surroundings of the Guthu mane will be decked in a traditional heritage village style. It will give visitors a peek into the ancient Tulunadu culture. The folk items will be exhibited at the Guthu mane, he added.

Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district Kambala Samithi President Dr Jeevandhar Ballal said the Kambala will be held in six categories viz; ‘Hagga kiriya,’ ‘Hagga hiriya,’ ‘Kane halage,’ ‘Negilu hiriya,’ ‘Negilu kiriya’ and ‘Adda halage.’

In ‘hagga hiriya and kiriya’, the buffalos are made to carry a yoke and a person runs behind them holding the rope tied to the centre of the yoke. In ‘Adda halage’ the person is required to stand on a board that is connected to the yoke and race the buffalos. In ‘Negilu hiriya and kiriya,’ the yoke is replaced by the plough and the rider holds the plough which in turn is connected to the buffalos. In ‘Kane halage,’ the winner is decided in a different manner. A large sheets of cloth or wooden boards are tied at a height on either side of the field. These are known as ‘nishane’s. The height to which mud water reaches during the run becomes the criteria for victory.

The owners of the first and second prize winning buffaloes will be presented with one pawan and half pawan gold coin. The rider will be given Rs 500 and Rs 300 respectively.    
The kambala will be inaugurated by Nitte Education Trust Chairman Vinay Hegde. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Coastal Development Authority Chairman Nagaraj Shetty and others will take part.

‘Chicken’ exhibition

Committee member N G Mohan said that a variety of country chicken along with Celon and Malaya chicken will be exhibited . The ‘best chicken’ will be awarded. The exhibition is being held to encourage people to take up poultry farming in the region, he added.