'Concern, empathy key to being a successful leader'

'Concern, empathy key to being a successful leader'

Lecture on Leadership for nation building held at SDM IMD

for development: Padmashree Dr H Sudarshan delivering a lecture at SDM IMD in Mysore on Friday. DH Photo

He was delivering a lecture on the topic ‘Leadership for nation building’ organised by SDM IMD as part of the annual leadership speaker series here on Friday.

Dr Sudarshan said - concern and empathy for the poor and marginalised, clear intellectual ability to understand a problem and find a solution, will to put in to practise despite insurmountable obstacles - are the three qualities that make a leader. He advised youngsters that working as a team is very important to succeed.

Having been a leader in improving health conditions across the country, Dr Sudarshan said that mere technological packages can improve the health outcome marginally. However, good governance can provide quantum jump in the health outcomes. While observing that the consumer forum is very weak, he urged for the need to improve management in hospitals. He said ethical management is very essential.

He observed that while submitting his report on health and family welfare, it was found that corruption was the major reason for the failure of medical facilities from reaching the people.
Prosecution minimal

Dr Sudarshan complained that even though many cases of spurious drugs were found on a regular basis, the number of prosecutions was minimal. Complaining of widespread corruption in procurement of equipment, Dr Sudarshan said that many MNCs were also guilty of providing kick-backs to medical equipment manufacturing companies.