Facebook phone unveiled

Facebook phone unveiled

 INQ Mobile on Friday revealed two new Android smartphones for the UK market that are designed expressly for 18/28-year-old Facebook users—the INQ Cloud Touch and the INQ Cloud Q.

Working closely with the team behind Facebook, London-based INQ has given the home screen a visual feed that lets users quickly access updates, pictures, videos, and other Facebook content, the Daily Mail reports.

The phones provide quick links to all the popular Facebook features, including chat, messages, wall postings and notifications.

Facebook messages and instant online chat facilities are what today’s generation uses for communication.

Facebook Events replaces the traditional diary and lets people schedule events and sync these with Google Calendar, and instead of an address book there is simply a “friend list”.
“Writing on a (Facebook) wall is as easy as sending text messages,” says INQ’s co-founder Ken Johnstone.

Facebook Places is accessible directly from the homescreen, giving people the ability to use the feature to check in at stores, restaurants, clubs, and other spots.