Prajwal, Ravishankar put up a good show in 'Kote'

Prajwal, Ravishankar put up a good show in 'Kote'

Prajwal, Ravishankar put up a good show in 'Kote'

Film: "Kote"; Cast: Prajwal Devaraj, Dimple Chopade, Gayanthri Rao, Ravishankar, Shivashankar and others; Director: Srinivasa Raju; Producer: Jack Manju; Camera: Datta; Music Director: Raghu Dixit; Ratings: ** 1/2

Director Srinivasa Raju's third film "Kote", which has Prajwal Devaraj in the lead, is an engaging action film packed with entertaining commercial elements. Raju's first two films were badly directed, but he definitely shows a lot of improvement in his third outing.

Yes, "Kote" story is not fresh, but it is certainly fast-paced and has many entertaining moments to keep the audience in good spirits. The situations in the film moves so fast that viewers will not get time to think about logic.

Raju is also lucky enough to get services of two excellent technicians like experienced Datta in the camera department and Raghu Dixit in the music. Both of them have done exceptional work in their respective departments.

The story is more than a century old, but what saves the film is good dialogues by writer Gururaj Desai and the performances of Ravishankar and Prajwal. Both the actors exude a lot of energy on the screen.

Ravishankar, a well-known dubbing artist, has delivered an amazing performance in the film besides making a strong impact with his dialogue delivery. But the humour element is a drawback and Raju has done more harm by projecting people from the third gender in a bad light.

In the film Vignesh's (Prajwal) father is transferred to Hubli and the entire family shifts their with Pooja who has become a part of the family. Pooja's parents died in a tragic accident and after that she is being looked after by Vignesh's parents. 

In college, Vignesh meets Navya who likes him for his courage and his helping nature. In the college, Vignesh comes into contact with local Don Katari's (Ravishankar) henchman and beats them up.

Katari doesn't take it so seriously thinking that Vignesh is just a college student. But when Katari's henchman try to kill a police officer, Vignesh shoots them by using the officer's service revolver. Now Katari wants to take revenge from the policeman and Vignesh who is ready to testify against his brother. 

Ravishankar steals the show as Katari. Prajwal shows maturity in his performance - in fact, this is his best performance so far.  

Mumbai-based actress Dimple has nothing much to do. Dance director Shivashankar, who has an important role in the film, is irritating.

"Kote" has enjoyable entertainment quotient and good performances from Prajwal and Ravishankar.

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